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(Director, Choro Calibre)

Shamal - DirectorHis fingers glide over the piano keys with a charming elegance matched only by his rich, soulful voice and captivating charisma. Shamal; a wonderful human soul that is unpretentious, sincere, passionate, joyful, loving, and extremely intense both in music and in life. An astoundingly talented musician, but he is much more; a profoundly inspiring leader whose warmth, charisma and life-affirming energy has brought to life The Choir, Choro Calibre, Band X-Calibre and one of the leading Entertainment companies in Sri Lanka to lead his followers on a transformative journey that is as much about introspection, respect, and human connection as it is about music.

Shamal started his music career at the age of just 8, probably the youngest church organist at the time when he started playing at St. Paul‟s Chruch in Waragoda. Later he took over the leadership of the College Choir in year 2008 at his Alma-Mater, St. Josephs‟ College, Colombo and went on to win „The Musician of the Year‟ award in 2009 for his multi-disciplined musical contributions. He also excelled in his studies and graduated from University of Colombo.


It all started in 2009 as Shamal De Silva, driven by the passion for music, got together with few of his friends and started a choir just for fun. Then, the unexpected started to happen, encouraging & positive feedback started to pour in. The idea of a professional choir emerged almost naturally and saw the launch of the CD “Feliz Navidad “ for the Christmas within the same year. In the ensuing years the choir transformed into high standards in vocals and musical presentation. In 2012, Choro Calibre represented Sri Lanka and won 3 international awards at “Asia Cantate” in Thailand.

On the back of a series of successful concert performances and established themselves as one of the leading choirs in Sri Lanka with their grand performance, “This Is It” at Nelum Pokuna Theatre in 2013. Since then, Choro Calibre has never looked back and continued on the impressive legacy of scintillating musical performances to deliver ultimate entertainment in Sri Lanka.